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Apple-MacIntosh Is Evil, says Tech Guy

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On his radio show, March 6, 2010, while discussing new cell phones competing with the Apple iPhone, Leo Laporte, “The Tech Guy,” called Apple Computer evil:

“Apple no longer rules the roost, and that’s why Apple’s going into court, because they don’t like that! They want to be the one and only.

“. . . . Apple has increasingly turned monopolistic, it’s turned into a company that is locking things down, that keeps the user from choices. Their point of view is, ‘We know best. . . .’

“. . . .

“. . . I think there’s maybe something happens in the business cycle of tech companies that they just, that they start competing in the legal realm instead of in the realm of innovation. . . . I’m very disheartened that Apple has decided to sue instead of out-innovate HTC. I think that that’s the the wrong tack.

“I’m very disappointed that Apple has locked down its phone to keep independent developers from doing — you know, Apple has started to ban now applications for all kinds of crazy reasons. . . . . . . they started banning apps that competed with Apple, and I think that that’s what you DON’T want. You want a phone that lets you do what you want.

“It’s OUR hardware. I hate it when companies start to say, ‘No-no, it’s OUR hardware, we’re just letting you use it.’ No-no, sorry, I BOUGHT the phone. I paid a lot of money for an iPhone. That’s MY hardware, and it’s not Apple’s choice. . . .

“Apple is of the opinion, and I’m just waiting for them to go after somebody, that it’s illegal to “jailbreak” a phone. In fact, they tried to get the federal government to make it illegal to jailbreak a phone. They failed here, but they petitioned the FCC saying, ‘You know, when an iPhone is “jailbroken,” ‘the terrorists win.’ They actually said that. . . .”


Written by biblequestion

April 26, 2010 at 9:24 PM

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