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The Beverly Hills Solution

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The Left Might Have Already Given Us the Answer
to the Immigration Problem, without Realizing It

I watched this movie on television years ago; at that time, in a fit of inspiration I beheld the all-too-obvious but overlooked answer to the Homeless Problem. In the news around that time,  Barbra Streisand and other fabulously wealthy celebrities were speaking out on the plight of the Homeless. (But just speaking out.)

The 1986 movie stars well-known Liberals Richard Dreyfuss, Bette Midler, and Nick Nolte. Dreyfuss and Midler play a wealthy Beverly Hills couple. One day, disconsolate bum Nolte jumps into their swimming pool hoping to drown himself. Dreyfuss, a psychologist, rescues him and makes him his special project. Nolte becomes part of the family; 103 minutes of purported hilarity ensues. Meanwhile, Nolte sleeps with the Doc’s wife, daughter, and maid.

I foresee that herein lies the magic answer to homelessness. Wealthy Liberals should each take in as many poor, down-and-out people as they can afford, and their homes can accommodate. Since they are wealthy, they can each afford to buy more land, build more living quarters, and feed more hungry people. If enough wealthy liberals cooperate in this venture, problem solved — and no pesky raising of taxes burdensome to the hard-working middle class.

It is, after all, their civic and moral duty.

This solution, I assert, can also be applied to the problem of Illegal Immigration. Why not expect our wealthy Liberals to build not just homes but whole communities in Mexico and the other impoverished countries from which the illegals come? American dollars would go much farther in those countries. More than house and feed the poor, Liberals could set up shops, even communal factories and farms at which the poor could work:   in short, here is the perfect opportunity for the Elite Left to put their Socialistic idealism into practice (while leaving the rest of us alone).

Add to the mix all those rich Mexicans & other Latin Americans who live comfortably behind high walls topped with shards of broken glass to keep out their less fortunate compadres.

The solution seems so obvious. I wonder how Hollywood missed it?

© 2010 Paul A. Hughes


Written by biblequestion

June 16, 2010 at 5:37 AM

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