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Better than the Liberal model of Social Gospel as charity and wealth redistribution, leading to lifelong dependency, is the Conservative model of individual enablement, in which churches, Christians, and Conservatives of all types promote our Constitutional freedoms to work and do business with minimal restraints, to employ others or be employed, and to own property without prohibitive taxation — for lack of a better word, “Capitalism.”

Having been enabled by freedom of commerce and property, individuals can then support themselves, be a burden to no one, and support the genuinely needy as well as the work of the church.

Truly, it was the hard-won right to do business and own property that enabled Europe, as well as America, to escape serfdom and slavery, the tyranny of lords and Roman religion, which by the way led to the printing and dissemination of Bibles, the Protestant Reformation, freedom of worship, free speech, and freedom of the Press, among other things.

See my book introduction, “Politics and Religious Liberty in 17th Century England.”

None of these rights were granted by benevolent “caretaker” governments.

I think Paul the Apostle would heartily agree, since he himself worked as a “tentmaker” when necessary, forbade charity to widows under 60 and without sterling credentials, and also said, “Whoever does not work, does not eat.”

Copyright © 2013 Paul A. Hughes


Written by biblequestion

December 7, 2013 at 2:36 AM

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