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Noam Chomsky’s Flat Earth Figment

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Mercator World Map Projection, 1569, Public Domain

Mercator World Map Projection, 1569, Public Domain

Elite Personalities Show Ignorance of Maps and Geography

Noam Chomsky showed up on the Tavis Smiley PBS interview show on March 15, 2015 to talk about so-called “White Supremacy.”  Chomsky, the son of Ashkenazi Jews, is himself an Atheist, though he reportedly will not admit it outright, and a radical Socialist, officially billed as an Anarcho-Syndicalist.

Smiley, who is himself race-obsessive and Left-Wing politically activist, began with a clip from the Left-Wing political TV drama, “The West Wing.”  Characters are discussing the 1569 advent of a world map created by German cartographer Gerardus Mercator to facilitate navigation.  They ooh and ah over revelations that the continents and nations on the map are not drawn to scale.  The implication is that either some supremacist prejudice is involved in the drawing of the map, or has afterward been inferred from it.

Chomsky goes on to talk about a related prejudice that North inherently has against South, seeing South as inferior and thereby justifying its exploitation.  There is no consideration of the idea of developed countries bringing civilization to then-primitive peoples, along with medical science and other modern notions such as refraining from cannibalism and human sacrifice, all of them leading toward higher life expectancies, decreased child mortality, and freedom from the yoke of superstition and subservience to local warlords and shamans.  Judging from Left-Wing rhetoric, primitive existence was idyllic and democratic, albeit short.

In their implications regarding the drawing of maps, Smiley and Chomsky reveal either their own rank ignorance of the nature of map-making, or a disingenuous use of the certain map-making phenomena simply to fool people and score political points.  Look at a globe of the world, and observe that the lines of longitude, which run north and south, get closer together toward the poles, and are farthest apart at the equator.  Herein lies the heart of the problem:  to convert a globe into a flat map, those lines of longitude must be spread out.  As is well-known, making the lines of longitude straight serves to stretch out the image, which makes images closer to the poles appear larger than those nearer the equator.  Hence Greenland looks about the size of South America and Alaska looks as big or bigger than the contiguous United States.

Observe the phenomenon of map-flattening here:

and here:

Further, read about Map Projection here:

and here:

Still, Chomsky describes the phenomenon as a manifestation of an elite attitude of “White Supremacy”:

What’s to be gained by that is a graphic representation of the fact that we are more important and better than them.  We’re the north, they’re the south.  We dominate because of our essential superiority of character, qualities, righteousness and so on.

It’s a graphic manifestation of the we are better than them conception that, as I said, is unfortunately pretty natural and is greatly enhanced by when it’s associated with power.  So when you actually dominate others, that enhances the natural we are better than them conceptions.  (

Video of the interview is available at the following Web sites:

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