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Panentheism: Nexus of One World (Heretical) Religion

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Einstein Panentheism

Panentheism is not new, stemming as it does from Neoplatonism; and not rare, being widespread, in various forms and to various extents amongst the intelligentsia; yet is an unfamiliar term, even to most people who have encountered it in some form.  It is a man-made, philosophical religion which denies the authority of Scripture and brings together many threads of philosophy and speculation, including Neoplatonic Mysticism, speculative philosophy and theology, select elements of Christianity and other religions, speculative science (purporting legitimacy), in particular Evolution, and Environmentalism, with special appeal to Liberal Christians, New Age believers, semi-atheistic intellectuals, Social Gospel practitioners, Social Justice agitators, self-opinionated armchair theologians, “tree-huggers,” narcissistic “do-gooders,” and political Progressives of various other types.

In reality, Panentheism is Humanism in theistic garb, patently not Christianity, appealing to the selfish desire for apotheosis or self-deification, i.e., not to God but to self.  Observing the worldwide apostasy of this Age, and the “signs of the times,” there is good reason to associate Panentheism with the One-World Religion, the Religion of Man, which Bible-believers  anticipate will evolve into the religion of the Beast of John’s Revelation, otherwise known as the Antichrist.

Whether one believes this assertion or not, I encourage the reader to “save” the following basic description, in either text or the graphic form below, and from this time forward examine the theological claims and content of religionists, even one’s own church pastor, in its light, to see how he or she stacks up.


A Linchpin of Liberal One-World Religion

  • Increasingly a favored interpretation of Christianity amongst intellectuals.
  • Not to be confused with Pantheism (“all is God”).
  • Means “all is in God,” which includes evil.  Incorporates evil and redefines Redemption through its principle of Dialectic.
  • Influenced by Neoplatonist Metaphysics and Hegelian philosophy.
  • Related to the Process Theology of Whitehead and the New Theology of Karl Rahner.
  • Emphasizes unity of the Trinity (Perichoresis) in love and relationship.  Sees love, unity, Pacifism, science, and Environmentalism as the evolutionary path to unity with the Trinity and the universe by reflecting attributes of the Trinity (suggesting apotheosis).
  • Portrays God as continuously created and creating, not complete, evolving along with the universe, and influenced by Man.
  • Presumes truth about God discoverable in (theoretical) Quantum Physics.
  • Bypasses the Biblical Gospel and salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, who becomes at best ancillary.  Does not require Bible-based Christianity.
  • Influences Liberation Theology such as that of Jurgen Moltmann and Gustavo Gutiérrez.
  • Expressed by John A. T. Robinson in his concept of the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God evolving through love and unity, but foresees no literal Second Coming (Parousia) of Christ.

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Social Gospel 101 - Panentheism


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May 31, 2015 at 9:06 PM

Austin-Area Hindu Swami Flees Justice

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Austin Swami Prakashanand Saraswati

Austin Swami Prakashanand Saraswati

In a day when every indiscretion that can be pinned on a Christian minister or believer is trumpeted widely and often by the Mainstream News Media, it would be easy to overlook reports quietly and purposely slipped through by night regarding indiscretions by leaders of other religions.

Prakashanand Saraswati, 82, founding swami of the Barsana Dham ashram near Austin, Texas, is currently “on the lamb” after being convicted of sexual molestation of two young women, then minors, who were living at the ashram’s 200-acre compound.

See “Warrant issued against Hindu guru convicted of molestation,” in The Times of India, March 8, 2011.

According to the ashram’s Web site, “His Divinity Swami Saraswati,” also known affectionately as Shree Swamiji, “can expound upon any spiritual topic with such a clarity it is as if he is describing a visual account.  His scriptural understanding is unequalled and his books are unique examples of his exceeding knowledge related to the science of the material and the Divine dimensions.  The warmth of Shree Swamiji’s love melts the hearts of those who listen to him and drawing close to him opens the path to God.”

I am reminded once again, that there is only One Way to God, Jesus Christ, and a multitude of wrong ways.  The way of self-gratification is always the way of the flesh, and those who “walk after the flesh” (2 Peter 2:10) rather than the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:16) will never see God.

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Written by biblequestion

March 12, 2011 at 8:04 PM